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The Hemlock Party // Change You Would Die For

Since at least the beginning of Democracy, the Hemlock Party has always contained one or two hapless souls so committed to a rational enlightened society that they would rather be poisoned to death by the state than participate in its madness. When the State sentences you to death for inspiring the youth to seek wisdom over wealth, you've got to wonder whether the examined life is worth living, either.

Today we the Hemlock Party are a group of unknown quantity who are absolutely horrified at the current status of our democracy. Our leaders are hoarding billions of dollars while the people are miserably locked into endless labor and their quality of life is nosediving in near freefall. The scientific community is in near-perfect consensus on the threat of global warming; cities we know and love are already sinking into the sea at an alarming rate and the government has already allocated federal money to resettle the first American climate refugees, yet some of the wealthiest individuals in the nation insist on blocking climate change policy and regulation and spreading misinformation about climate science. The very infrastructure of the richest country in the world is crumbling, entire neighborhoods are without access to drinkable water, and yet many large and extremely-profitable corporations are posting record profits and paying zero or negative taxes, and some of our highest-ranking government officials would rather defund social programs for the most financially-vulnerable than reduce tax benefits for the most financially well-off.

We the Hemlock Party are absolutely baffled by these affairs. We're so perplexed at why the wealthy elite would seem so hell-bent on hurtling us all into doom that we're all glancing around nervously, wondering to ourselves, "Gee, I sure hope the state doesn't kill me for asking out loud whether this is all insane."

But we in the Hemlock Party say: "Ask that question out loud!"

Join the Hemlock Party! Come away from your inscrutable tomes of academic jargon, your endless consumption of mindless media, your tedious hawking of Wares That No-One Wants to Make And No-One Wants To Buy. Join us in asking out loud and all together, "Does any of this even make any sense?"

Because if enough of us band together and refuse to participate in madness, there won't be anyone left to poison to death the advocates of a rational enlightened society.

Author: notnull

Created: 2017-11-13 Mon 12:56